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Welcome to the DIAMOND PLUMBERS!

We are known to offer the great assortment of plumb fittings, which complete your building’s infrastructure and give us the pride of offering you with the latest and affordable plumbing tools to make your job easier. Our team of product experts understands your need and guides you with the best appliances and great specialist that can CR Basement WaterproofingAnd perhaps, this is what makes us one of the top leading corporations in the plumbing industry.

Why Trust Us?

Popularly known as a branded name in the market, our trademarked stocks of accessories are used in every construction. To add on, our clients know us for our quality products and this is what has made us exclusive and uncommon suppliers of the market. 

Besides this, we have certain policies, which we believe to follow religiously. Some of them are listed below, 

  • Licensed and Trusted supply
  • High-Quality plumbing fixtures
  • Low-cost plumbing supplies
  • Genuine product-checklist
  • Dedicated and knowledgeable staff
  • Save your time and money with immediate services

Our Clients

We the DIAMOND PLUMBERS deals with the supplying of plumbing tools to all our customers of residential as well as commercial sector. Many people, who start their business, have contacted us for the installation of the plumbing system in their company’s building. And as a dedicated and proficient team, we have always assisted them in a smooth start-up. 

In short, you can find everything with us! Ranging from installation to repair to maintenance, we have everything for our customers. So, now whether you want pro-plumbers or the accessories or both, we are always available at your door, once you contact us!

Day Of Services:

Monday to Sunday: Everyday Open.